Services and Products

Oil & Gas Soultions

Sky Air envisions a robust collaboration in the energy, oil, gas, and power production sectors through its integrated approach to engineering, procurement, and supply.

Project Mangement and Engineering Design

Within the energy sector, Sky Air Group's project management services aim to improve operations, reduce risks, and prioritize timely project delivery according to specified timelines.

IT and Security

The primary objective of introducing this service is to enable technology-driven companies to thrive by leveraging the latest advancements facilitated by Sky Air Group.


Sky Air Group assumes the responsibility of supplying clients and customers with suitable employees to enhance their operational benefits.


Logistics & Warehouse

Sky Air Group collaborates with local suppliers in various international regions, including the United States, UAE, Kuwait, UK, India, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Spain.

General Trade

At Sky Air, We stand as a highly esteemed international general trading company, representing prominent manufacturers and suppliers on a global scale.

Why Sky Air?

Petroleum & Petrochemical Trading

Our company's procurement team is adept at sourcing all essential requirements for intricate projects, including construction, petroleum, oil, gas, power generation, and more.

ISO 9001: Certified

The substantial volume of repeat business with our clients stands as a testament to the satisfaction derived from our unwavering commitment to quality.

Terminal, Storage & Blending

Establish, implement, and leverage our services as a strategic sourcing company for each of our customers. Delivering integrated, advanced solutions that prioritize improved quality, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery.

Soft Commodities

Our strong presence in the agricultural trading of soft materials reflect how closely is the farming and energy sector are related. And that’s how it is when the need for farm waste.

Two Decades of Experience

Through robust collaborations
and innovative business strategies,
we have fostered a strong presence within the UAE market and various countries.

Safety Environment

Sky Air Group's employees and workers are skilled professionals trained to manage essential safety measures and handle hazardous materials, ensuring the protection of the general public and fellow workers.

Recent Projects

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